Raeanne can help reach your audience.

A partial list of Raeanne’s capabilities

  • Content strategy
  • Recipe development and testing
  • Writing and editing
  • Product development
  • Video strategy and production
  • Nutrition analysis, food labeling, and regulatory support
  • Nutrition, health, and well-being advisory
  • Health care and brand partnerships
  • Culinary medicine workshops and webinars
  • Patient education materials and videos

Food companies, nonprofits, and publishers seek out Raeanne’s expertise.

Raeanne’s mission is to combat confusion and make cooking and eating a bit simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. Her unique background as a registered dietitian nutritionist, food writer, classically trained chef, and avid home cook, makes her a sought-after expert at strategizing and developing smart, accurate, and trustworthy information that’s simple to understand and share.

As someone who has cooked daily meals for her three children (two of whom have celiac disease) and husband while working full time for over 20 years, Raeanne understands home cooks. She believes they are the unsung heroes of the culinary world. Cooking is work. It takes time—organization, planning, shopping, prepping, and cleaning.

Raeanne also understands home cooks approach eating well with different values and life demands. Some people want to lose weight. Others are living with health conditions like celiac disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. And others just want to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. While eating for health and pleasure seems like something that people should innately understand how to do, it’s hard. Information on the internet about ingredients, health, and nutrition is often untrue, contradictory, and overwhelming. Raeanne is a voice of trust.

Speaking Topics

Recipe Development

  • Developing and Modifying Recipes to Meet Dietary Restrictions
  • Developing Recipes that are Healthy for People and the Planet
  • Navigating Celiac Disease: A Conversation about Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking
Recipe Development
Recipe Writing and Testing

Recipe Writing and Testing

  • Write and Test Recipes with Confidence
  • Getting Your Recipes Ready for Publication
  • Leveraging AI for Your Food and Recipe Writing Business
  • Making Sense of Food-Marketing Terms

Culinary Medicine

  • Nutrition Education Through Recipes: Incorporating Recipes into Your Practice for Patient Education
  • Translating Dietary Recommendations into Recipes
  • Culinary Medicine and the Health Care Professional: Up Your Skills and Close the Knowledge Gap
Culinary Medicine
Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition and Lifestyle

  • Living with Celiac Disease: Shopping, Cooking, Traveling
  • Family Meal Planning and Teaching Kids to Cook
  • Diet in the News: What to Believe

Some of the places Raeanne has contributed her expertise

Chicago Tribune
MedStar Washington
Common Threads
Tasting Table
Charlie Trotter's
Better Homes & Gardens
Eat Right
University of Illinois
Pilot Lights
Boys & Girls Club
Quaker Oats